a new year.

always possible

It’s funny how a new year triggers something inside of you.  Something that makes you braver – have more conviction.  For me it does, anyway.

I created this blog months ago.  I didn’t write anything.  I didn’t do anything because I didn’t have a vision.  But here I am, months later, still no vision, but I have a plan: I am going to write.

Nothing great ever happened to someone who remained still in an ever changing world.  I have been so afraid for so long of letting people know my thoughts, my feelings, my identity.

So this year I will be brave.

I am a twenty-something woman.  I am a wife.  I cook a lot and read a lot and dream even more.  I dream of being an entrepreneur.  I dream of helping women.  But most of all, I dream of creating a life I am proud of.

Welcome to my life.

I look forward to getting to know you, too.


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