The Story We Tell Ourselves


I was listening to a Tony Robbin’s talk the other day and I realized something very important.  It made me understand what I think is wrong with so many people: they create an identity for themselves that does not serve them.  I am included in this list too, I am not simply pointing fingers.

We all have a story we like to tell ourselves.  I am like this because my parents were alcoholics, or I can’t do this because it’s not  my personality, or I will never be able to fit in that because it’s not in my genetics.

We tell ourselves stories to make us feel better about our shortcomings.  What would happen if we changed that story?  What if we decided that no matter what our old story we have on repeat in our heads is, we will change our ending.  Just like that.  I bet your whole view of life would change.

It’s interesting because I have watched people evolve into more present people because of something traumatic happening.  A child is killed, a health scare, their spouse leaves them, whatever.  Some people take that as an opportunity to thrive, to do things they never thought they could do, to take those vacations, to spend a little bit of money, to learn to love themselves and stop living life on autopilot.  And then there are those that  “can’t” because they are getting too old, or they don’t have enough money, or they are scared to death.

It has really made me shift my focus these last few weeks even.  Why do I keep telling myself this story?  I think we tell them to ourselves to keep us comfortable.  It sets boundaries and boxes us in.  We are this person because of this and this and that’s the only person I know how to be.

I am working on breaking free of this box, this story, because I want to change my ending.

Thanks for reading.


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