Self Love & Self Growth

The concept of self-love and self-growth may be foreign to come or seem a little “woo-woo”.  To me, I’ve discovered that this is the most important thing about life, and for a while, I seemed to have forgotten that.

Self-love is essential to creating a life full of value.  We as people give ourselves limits.  We limit our greatness because it will change us, change our friends, our relationships, our status in the world.  I started being more honest with myself as to why I haven’t pushed myself more.  I was scared of what my husband would say, my family would say, my friends.  Would they still be there?

I think when you start uplifting yourself beyond what you are right now, when you start changing your beliefs as to who you are, or who other people think you are, you start changing your life.  And of course other people may or may not like it but it is not our job to change others or even care about their thoughts.  What others think of us is not our business.

I am in the process of breaking through all these blocks and assumptions I’ve had about myself and my happiness.  When you realize that most of these (if not all) are self created, I think that’s where the magic happens.  If you realize it, you can break through it.  How powerful is that?!

Lets uplift ourselves.  Lets push ourselves through our self-made boundaries.  If you are scared, that’s okay.  Just remember what they say “the magic happens outside your comfort zone”.



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