20 things.


  1. I collect books.
  2. I do not make enough time to read but when I am reading, I am at my happiest.
  3. I have been married for 3.5 years to Mr. Fenton, together for 8 years total.
  4. I love studying history on my own (specifically history of women).
  5. I am an anglophile.
  6. Adele is my favourite singer.
  7. I hate wearing colour.
  8. I love black coffee and milky sweet tea.
  9. I want to purchase an old cottage in England.
  10. My favourite food is rhubarb custard pie.
  11. I am a feminist.
  12. I watch mostly documentaries, british tv, and period films.
  13. I love Mary Queen of Scots.
  14. I want to write a novel.
  15. I love Nigella Lawson even though I am a vegan and she is queen carnivore.
  16. My biggest indulgence is skincare but I use everything up before buying new.
  17. If I were sorted into Hogwarts houses, I would be a Ravenclaw.
  18. Emily Bronte is someone who I would have loved to meet.
  19. I was born and brought up speaking french, although I am horrid at speaking it now.
  20. Autumn is my favourite season.

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