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An Update – Research, Nuns, Jesus Camp

I have wanted to write here for a long time.  I pay for this blog and I have been neglecting it.  It seems an odd thing to do for someone like me – I have a lot of things to say.

I have been working on my writing in private and I have also been doing a lot of research primarily on the history of women, women’s lives, and religion.  Most recently, I have been fascinated by the lives of nuns.  The concept of faith has rung loudly in my ears.  Nuns seem to have this faith and I can’t put my finger on it.  Is it the joy, the simplicity, the trust in god?  So more research ensues.

I know it’s an odd topic but I love it.  Religion fascinates me because it is so ugly and so beautiful simutaneously.  It creates odd feelings inside of me.  I recently found this paper I wrote in my old bible case.  It was a page with a list of questions discussing my being “saved” and “accepting” of Christ.  It was weird reading it now.  I haven’t thought about god that way in a very long time – the concept of god changed for me before I hit my 20s and I have never really discussed to anyone except for my husband since.  I am not sure if I will dive deeper on that topic in a public space, but I may someday.

If you wan to watch something interesting (and not about nuns), I recommend watching Jesus Camp which is currently on Canadian Netflix.  This documentary gives insight into a christian (pentecostal) summer camp.  Basically, children are taught to be soldiers of god (political soliders) and they discuss faith, sin, evolution, and abortion issues.  There is a lot of fear feeding to children and I admit, it is a bit frightening.  Let me know if you have watched this documentary and how you felt about it.

I have a few essays regarding my research I hope to post soon. Until then, please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions on books, articles, or documentaries to watch pertaining to religion, women, nuns, or anything interesting!  I would be most grateful.


One thought on “An Update – Research, Nuns, Jesus Camp

  1. Hi, Jacqueline: I just found your blog again after not seeing it for a while. It is good to see you writing again.

    I think religion is something that fills a basic need in humans to feel accepted and therefore, loved. While there can be positive things about it, there are also many negatives. I like your phrase that is it “ugly and beautiful at the same time.” That (to me) is a very true statement. While it offers acceptance and a feeling of belonging for many, it also as a whole is extremely unaccepting and judgmental. Most wars were brought upon in one way or another due to religion, as was/is much of the world’s misery.

    Of course, it is too broad a topic to summarize in a short comment. There are many facets of it that are manipulative, shaming, and as you mentioned – frightening. The ideas of kindness, forgiveness, and understanding – which are supposed to be the foundation of most religions – are often replaced by intolerance, hate, and judgment. No wonder so many people are confused!

    The double standard shown by the clergy has become more and more evident as communication improves and the world changes. It is now more difficult to isolate both people and ideas, and I am certain it plays heavily on the fact that more people are professing they are agnostic or even atheists. When the various religions begin to decline and falter, they resort to threats of damnation and finger-pointing towards others who don’t believe as they do. While this used to be effective, as people educate themselves and explore the world and the sciences, it appears that it is more difficult for religious sects to have the hold on others that they used to have. It is still there for many, but it is definitely slipping.

    Thanks for making me think tonight. I think you have a good adventure ahead of you and I am anxious to read your thoughts on what you find. It will be interesting.



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