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Recently Purchased Books – 1

Here are some books I’ve purchased recently.  I have been quite picky about the things I have been bringing into my life and was supposed to be on a “consumables only” shopping diet, however, these books slid through (how could I resist?).  And one could say that you do in fact consume books.

all bookshow to be a victorian

lunch in paris
I read this book before going to Paris for the first time and I own it on my e-reader, but since it has recipes I thought I should pick up the hard copy one day.  I found it on sale for only $6.  This book made me see Paris differently, I think. If you love food (and France), this is a lovely book.


The witches
I have started reading this book and the writing is beautiful and descriptive.  I already recommend it if you are interested in history and witches, of course.

What have you been reading recently?  What are your recently purchased books?  I’d love to know.

Thanks for stopping by.


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